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Apple Harvesting Robot (SLAM and Path Planning)

Final year university project involved the design of the path planning algorithm of an apple harvesting robot to autonomously navigate along an orchard. Implemented a behavioural planner to direct the robot when to drive, turn and stop. Incorporated differential drive kinematics to accurately track the linear and angular velocity & acceleration of the robot. Interfaced it with a PID velocity controller to enable autonomous driving to a desired location. Used an open-source package ‘Fast-LIO’ compatible with the Livox lidar to generate 3D mapping of the orchard fused with ORBSLAM3 from the Realsense RGBD camera for robust localisation. Performed image segmentation of the live camera using deep learning for object detection and collision avoidance. Interfaced an Xbox 360 controller to the robot via Modbus communication to act as a convenient remote control and also for testing purposes.

Computer Vision Robot Arm

A 4 DOF robot arm made using 3D printed parts. A Yolo V4 CNN model was custom trained to detect 3 objects; water bottle, foil and a scrunch piece of paper. Interfaced a Rasberry Pi Cam to a Jetson Nano microprocessor for real-time image detection. Converted pixel coordinates into camera coordinates to identify world position of objects. Arduino microcontroller was connected to servo motors to actuate and accurately grab the object via inverse kinematics.

Autonomous Robot Ball Picker

Group project consisting of 4 team members for the Warman Design and Build Competition. This was a nationwide competition for all 2nd year mechanical, mechatronics and electrical engineering students across Australia and New Zealand. Tasked with designing a robot to pick up 20 balls from one compound and transport to another compound. The robot utilised 4 mecanum wheels for maximum travel efficiency and speed. A custom laser cut box to safely carry the plastic balls. Hand-sawed metal extrusion bars to hold the weight of the box. Ultrasonic sensors attached to provide distance feedback to know when the robot has arrived at the compounds.

Turnable Vending Machine

A PLC programmed project which involved controlling the rotation of a turntable. Through the use of encoders embedded with the motor, calculations were used to precisely know when to turn and stop at a chosen item. Programmed the timing of the pnuematic actuator to push the item off the slide with the right amount of force after the turntable has finished rotating. A custom 3D printed pusher part was designed in a manner that would facilitate this process.

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Designed an ultrasonic distance measuring tool that measures up to half a meter. Coded in embedded C using a PSOC microcontroller. The pushing of the button sends out an ultrasonic wave which is used to determine the distance to the object and also displays the measured value on an 8 segment LED display. Additional features added such as display a green light if measured distance is from 0 - 10cm, display orange for 11 - 20cm and red for 21+ cm.

David Lam

About Me

David Lam

Mechatronics Engineer

Hey, thanks for reading my profile! I am a mechatronics engineer from Monash University, Australia. I have designed a variety of engineering projects throughout my time at university and have enjoyed all of them.

I also completed an exchange program at North Carolina State University where I majored in Electrical engineering and was able to immerse myself with the American culture and college education system.

I have also previously worked as a Software Test Engineer at Robert Bosch where I performed testing and simulation of software controlled brake systems such as ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) on Ford vehicles. I am now currently working at AOS Group, an Australian company that specialises in creating an explainable AI which is deployed onto real world applications like an automonous weed spraying robot.